"Unspoken" by Darling Thieves
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This is where all the exposition goes. I might tell you about myself a little bit. About what a great guy I am, my myriad of experiences, and why you should hire me over someone else.

It would be crazy to think I could fit all of that here, and anyone who can cram that kind of information into an area this small should be out doing more work.

I design + animate + develop.

When you wear that many hats, it's hard to find words that describe everything you do. I enter projects at almost every phase of their life cycle, but I'm most effective when involved from conception through design and development.

I'm not going to use a catch phrase like, "Let's start the conversation." What I will say is that I like doing interesting work (doesn't everybody), and I'd love to be the one to make your work more interesting.

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